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Literacy Resources

The statistics are startling, and the Heart of America Foundation® is determined to change them. The resources listed below these statistics are part of the solution, and we encourage you to work with us and them to make a difference in these children's lives.


  • Access to printed materials has been found to be the "critical variable affecting reading acquisition." (2)
  • Thirty-seven percent of all fourth grade children in the United States are reading at below basic levels. (functionally illiterate) (1)
  • Inability to read is linked to poverty, dependence on welfare, unemployment, and crime. (3)
  • The gap is widening between the reading skills of the highest and lowest performing students. The best students are reading better while the worst students are falling further behind. (7)
  • Communities ranking high in reading achievement tests have: an abundance of books in public libraries, easy access to books in the community at large, and a large number of textbooks per student. (2)
  • The home environment - specifically the availability of reading material - is a stronger predictor of later academic achievement than socioeconomic status. (3)
  • On average, children in economically depressed communities have 0-2 age appropriate books in their homes. (2)
  • Children in middle-income communities have an average of 54 books in their homes. (2)
  • Children in high-income communities have an average of 199.1 age appropriate books in their homes. (2)
  • Sixty-one percent of low-income families have no books at all in their homes for their children. (2)
  • A child from a low-income family enters kindergarten with a listening vocabulary of 3,000 words, while a child of a middle-income family enters with a listening vocabulary of 20,000 words. (5)
  • 12.9 million children in the United States live in poverty. (4)
  • Fourth-graders who reported having 25 books or more at home had higher scores on the NAEP reading test than children who reported they didn't have that many books. (7)
  • Thirty-seven percent of American children live in low-income families. -No Child Left Behind
  • There is almost a 90% probability that a child will remain a poor reader at the end of the fourth grade if the child is a poor reader at the end of first grade. -Public Library Association
  • Students who do more reading at home are better, more proficient readers and have higher math scores. -National Education Association


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Literacy Resources

We encourage you to engage your students in these resources which further literacy and give students the tools they need to read, succeed and make a difference. Together, we can change the statistics!

US Department of Education

WETA Reading Rockets

National Center for Family Literacy

Center for the Book

Chip & Cookie Read Aloud Foundation

Read Across America

Verizon Reads Literacy Campus

The Literacy Web at the University of Connecticut

National Institute for Literacy


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